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  • What should I know before buying land to build a home?
    It is strongly advised to work with a licensed realtor while searching for the ideal lot. They can assess the property's suitability and address crucial questions that impact building costs. Check for available utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, internet), approved road access, building permits, and potential property taxes. Location plays a vital role in your new home project.
  • Do I require a construction loan?
    If you need financing for a custom build, one-time construction loans are an excellent choice. Taking the first step to get pre-qualified for a construction loan is highly recommended. We have collaborated with local financial institutions that offer products tailored to your requirements.
  • What size of homes do you build?
    We don't have a specific square footage limit, but our homes typically fall within the range of 2500 to 7000 square feet.
  • Would you like to use your own ready-to-build plans, or would you prefer us to help you design the plans for your home?
    Willow Creek Homes operates as a design-build firm. We believe in the advantages of having one entity responsible for the entire project, from start to finish. This approach ensures better communication, quicker problem-solving, construction-friendly design, retention of information to meet expectations, higher responsibility elevating standards, and increased overall satisfaction for the project owner. If you don't find a suitable fit among our library of floor plans, we are more than willing to collaborate on designing a custom floor plan exclusively for you. Many homeowners bring us their floor plans as a starting point or inspiration, and we can then create a personalized home design tailored to your needs.
  • Do you construct basements as part of your building services?
    We do, but not very often. When comparing the expenses between a basement level and a second-story level, basements are pricier in the Treasure Valley. Our region experiences relatively mild winter weather, resulting in less foundation depth requirements compared to Eastern Idaho & Utah. Consequently, building a basement requires digging much deeper and using more concrete compared to other options. However, the suitability of a basement can be influenced by other factors, such as sloped lots. We would be delighted to have a conversation to determine which options will be most suitable for your needs.
  • How much does it cost to build with Willow Creek Homes?
    The cost of designing and building a new home depends on numerous factors, making it challenging to have a fixed price per square foot. Instead, we collaborate closely with you to make the most of your budget. Once a floor plan is chosen, and the general finish level is decided, Willow Creek Homes can provide an estimated price range.
  • What does a typical construction timeline look like?
    We strive to construct your home efficiently without compromising on quality. Once we pour the foundation, and excluding weather or trade delays, the actual construction time is estimated to be around 10-12 months. However, this duration may vary based on the project's size and complexity.
  • Is it possible to carry out construction during the winter season?
    While construction might come to a halt in certain regions during winter, that's not the case here in Idaho. We are accustomed to handling rain and snow, and we continue building throughout the year. There might be minor exceptions for dealing with heavy snow or torrential downpours that could cause slight delays.
  • Do I need homeowner’s insurance during construction?
    No, Willow Creek Homes offers a Builder's Risk insurance policy to safeguard your home during the construction phase.
  • How does Willow Creek Homes maintain communication during the construction phase?
    At Willow Creek Homes, we recognize the significance of regular communication. To facilitate this, we have introduced an online software tool that enables seamless communication with our entire team throughout the project. This information can be accessed conveniently through your computer or phone at any time. Moreover, you'll have scheduled meetings with your project manager at your home during construction to ensure that your vision for the project is consistently maintained.
  • Is it possible for me to visit my home during its construction phase?
    Certainly, you are welcome to visit your new home during its construction. We conduct regular visits with you throughout the building process. To minimize disruptions to work during regular hours, we kindly request that you try to visit after hours.
  • Does Willow Creek Homes offer a home warranty?
    Certainly, we offer a one-year finish warranty.


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